Markdown Test Page

So I’m using Jekyll for this site, at the advice of my buddy Ben, and I absolutely love the workflow (I’m using git with a post-update hook) and the fact that it renders to static content. I don’t have any experience using markdown though, so this entry is here as a reference for how different things are rendered.

With that being said,

Single Octothorpe!

Single octothorpe statements.

Double Octothorpe!

Double octothorpe discussion.

Triple Octothorpe!

Triple octothorpe trolling.

Quadruple Octothorpe!

Quiet quadruple octothorpe quotes.

Some text, some text inside backticks.

How about with surrounding underscores?

Beware the double asterisks!

The following text has a leading hypen and space

  • Here’s one
  • Here’s another
    • I’m nested!
  • And a third!

Here is a blurb.

    This block of text is all indented,
    but unfortunately that's the extent of 
    my description for it.