Build It

As part of getting this blog up and running, I ended up being exposed to a lot of web tech that I hadn’t needed to know about before. Specifically, the ways that different blog services behave and interact, and the different approaches to building them. I decided to serve up static content from nginx, since I was basically just planning on making periodic entries - nothing too fancy. I really wanted commenting on the blog, but I wasn’t too keen on giving up the straight static content approach. Rather than using one of the existing blog comment hosting services, it’d be more fun to build one from scratch. And if I’m building something, I want to build it to be badass of course :-)

The idea is to create an open source comment service. If someone wants to have a good comment system for their site, and they want to own their data, they can run it themselves. Conversely, if some enterprising group of humans decides they’d like to bundle it up behind some polish and offer a premium service, have at it!

Some of the design goals I’d like to achieve are:

  • OAuth integration
  • Gravatar integration
  • Moderation support
  • Rule based moderation queueing
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Tiered to allow caching layers wherever it makes sense
  • New BSD License
  • Subscriber API keys (to prevent stealing each other’s comment streams)
  • Agnostic of the persistence layer
  • Provide SSL

Coming soon to a GitHub repo near you.

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